Strengthening the Digital Branding of the Immanuel House of Santa Clara County.
Project Summary
The Immanuel House is a nonprofit that offers transitional housing for refugees new to the bay area. It relies on donations, long-term housing leads, and employment opportunities to ensure its residents are able to live sustainably in one of the most expensive areas in the United States.
Design a website to act as a point of contact with the Immanuel House and provide opportunity for community involvement.
Designed an ADA accessible website with 200 impressions since its launch. The website ranks on the front page of search engines for relevant terms
Web Designer, Editor, SEO Engineer, IT Support
Website, Google Analytics, and Google Workspace.
March 2022
Rory McCaffrey, Immanuel House
Final Deliverables
The website consists of five main pages; home, about us, getting involved, donations, and job leads. The website was created via squarespace for easier-to-edit purposes.
Mobile Friendly
A mobile experience ensures that people who hear about the organization socially, can immediately look it up and save the website for later.
Google Integration
Saving new housing and job leads onto a Google Sheet, the Immanuel House can easily pass these opportunities to their current residents.